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Short + Punchy Courses

Goals with Soul


Goals. Intentions. Targets. Whatever your word of choice. It's imperative that we set them. But there is a science to setting Goals With Soul - That You Will Actually Achieve! This video training and workbook guides you on the beautiful journey of manifesting your dreams. Yours to keep and use over and over again x

Chat Like A Queen


Ever get tongue-tied in your DM's?!

Here is your solution, this step-by-step video training and workbook shows you EXACTLY how to convert cold leads to joining your free group OR looking at your product in just 5 messages!

Magnetic Content Masterclass


This 3 hour Masterclass you'll learn how to Create Content That Attracts, Connects + Converts. If you ever sit at the keyboard wondering what to post, or how to craft impactful, magnetic posts your audience will love, this training shows you how. A MUST for any woman in growing an online brand. 

Activate + Elevate Bootcamp


This program steps you through how to create your unique personal brand from the ground up - specifically for Network Marketers and Social Sellers - this is your first and only training program to create and learn how to ELEVATE your online brand for business success! Valued at $999.

The Art of Brand Elevation

This a transformative journey that transcends traditional branding programs

We delve deep into the essence of creating your unique brand, and emerge with an unshakable foundation on which to build your empire

Your brand is your legacy, your true wealth, it underpins EVERYTHING

Fk The Model!

For you, the woman who holds the power, but may have forgotten how to harness it, or is unconsciously programmed to follow the 'model' of the world you're unwittingly tied to that keeps you small. 

Yep, this is for you my love, you who knows how freaking powerful you are, yet is feeling the confines of this world we live in, feeling like you need to colour inside the lines when you really just wanna rip the page apart and go your own way! Here is your permission slip!

Femme PowHER

The Quest - a 6 month MASTERMIND for female coaches to establish a rock solid foundation, which is the CORE of it all - ensuring you build a business that is dependable, SAFE, secure, and prepared for the ebb & flow that we inevitably experience

We must BELIEVE in and EMBODY our gifts, our skills and our ability to make change in this world, maintaining that embodiment
through the doubts, fears and insecurities

Femme PowHER is ALL the internal + external tools and strategies you need for a flourishing, lasting, profitable and impactful business, with the flexibility to be feminine as fk and keep it as real as we need to!


We're here to help lovely.

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