Take ownership of WHO you are and what you're here to do.

You don't need permission.


I'm Jess

I'm help you elevate your brand, your self-belief, your biz & make bank 💸


As a mentor, leader and coach, I have honed my skills and founded my own coaching business. As an entrepreneur, I have learned to adapt and thrive in a constantly evolving landscape.

But at my core, I am a woman with a soul driven by the desire to create positive change in this somewhat chaotic and crazy world we live in.

I am an agent of change and truth in the online coaching space. I simply refuse to conform to the "say what they want to hear" mentality that has plagued the industry for too long. Here to showcase the real essence of mentorship - raw, unfiltered, and authentic.

My jam is helping you to pull out your true message and craft it in a way that is magnetic to your soul clients and in way that has you feeling so damn confident about what it is you do because you are 100% connected and certain of it. We each have a unique purpose
and reason for being here and choosing entrepreneurship, I make sure you know yours so you can fulfil it.

With over 10 years in the online space, with multi six figure businesses in marketing & coaching, I've been around long enough to have seen the trends and know what truly matters when building a legacy business.

Get results like these

Nicole McClellan

"Wow I have grown so much through this program! I'm more confident in who I'm talking to in my posts, and subsequently they are landing better. I'm getting clear on the road to build a successful business. I'm trusting that my creative ways are ok and to try them!<

Thank You Jess and team."

Katarina Butigan

"It is very hard in Network Marketing to find groups of women who will help you rise instead of being jealous. Surrounding yourself with women who are likeminded, entrepreneurial and have your back... it's all I can ask for and I do not regret joining the ElevateHER Academy one second!"

Claire Burt

"If you are thinking about this, if you are wanting to do something for you that's going to help you stand out from everyone else... and really learn the practical parts of it (growing your business)... do it! ... thanks to Jess, if it weren't for your amazing programs, I wouldn't be where I am crushing it in biz..."


As an award winning Marketing Business Coach, a Certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner (which basically means I help you rewire your brain for happiness + success), I specialise in helping you build a unique, soulful, magnetic brand for your business, so you can show up online daily with clarity and confidence and most importantly build a legacy business to withstand the test of time

I also shine the light on my clients, I SEE them and in turn allow each unique individual to see themselves, their power, their courage and their beauty.

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